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Instant Classic! Villanova Beats North Carolina 77-74
Instant Classic! Villanova Beats North Carolina 77-74

Instant Classic! Villanova Beats North Carolina 77-74


The most recent NCAA Men’s Basketball title game, featuring Villanova vs. North Carolina, will be remembered as the best national championship ever. Maybe the best in college basketball history.

While the game was a constant back-and-forth, Villanova began pulling away in with 10 minutes left in the second half. Soon, Villanova found itself with a double-digit lead and only a few minutes to play. Surely, the title would go to the underdogs. Not so fast.
After a furious UNC rally in the last couple of minutes, the deficit was down to 3 with less than 30 seconds left. North Carolina, unthinkably, had a chance to tie and send the game to overtime. With the ball in Senior Marcus Paige’s hands, the crowd held their collective breath. After an ill-advised steal attempt by Villanova’s Ochefu, Paige stunned everyone by pulling up and double-clutching for three-point attempt…buckets! North Carolina’s bench and fans erupt in cheers and sheer elation. Only 4.6 seconds and we are ready for overtime.

Villanova, never fazed by UNC’s big-time shot making, has other plans. As Junior Ryan Arcidiacono, rapidly advanced the ball towards the North Carolina half, the defense collapsed on him, and forgetting all about inbounder Jenkins. With nowhere to go, Arcidiacono hands it off to Jenkins, who is in deep territory.

Game over.

National champions.

The parade will be held in Philadelphia on April 8th.